Licensing Meta Calculator

Ever do something that was much more successful than you’d ever expect?

Well, I can certainly say that I have spearheaded lots of things that were not  all that successful, despite huge amounts of effort of my part– Even though I put my blood, sweat and tears and personal programming elbow grease into , the site never really took off; other ventures have been , serendipitously more fruitful.

For instance –Meta-Calculator–something that has spurred more than 1 company to consider buying us!  And over the last few months, several companies–from small start ups to some of the largest names in educational publishing — are now licensing the app.

So, the online app is in the process of being completely re-worked to facilitate licensing that purpose. It will soon be easy to configure the app and modify it to suit the needs of specific apps/sites. For more info, please go here.