thmathgames-saleWhat do you do when you have too many websites that take up too much of your time? Well, I decided to sell 1 or 2 of them including, a site that I put a lot of time into building up around 2008-2010 .

It was fun working on that site but the fact is is that the audience age level for that site does not match the age levels of our sites., and others target an audience that is , in general, older–usually substantially older.

So, what’s the best way to proceed selling your site? I first reached out to some fellow site owners who operate competing sites and found some interest. In fact, I have a decent offer from one of them. However, in the end, he was unable to commit to the sale . So enter Flippa!

Things are looking good at Flippa. I have been PM’ing a serious sounding buyer and it looks like I’ll be 1 domain shorter soon !